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Farm Bins/ Grain Silos

Farm Storage Grain Silo Systems protect grain from all weather conditions. The strong roof stands up to..

Commercial Bins/Silos

Manufactured with 70,000 PSI tensile strength, Sioux Steel commercial tanks offer..

Hopper Bottom Silos

Sioux Steel hopper silos are most advantageous as silo clean out and lower material..

Pro-Tec Building

We want to help you get the most value for your building investment. That’s why we have..

Why Us:

Tested and Proven product range, high quality product backed with 5 year warranty and superior after Sales Support is our USP.

Founded Over 100 Years Ago....

welcome to SIOUX STEEL

Scott Rysdon (CEO)
Founded in South Dakota, USA in 1918
Sioux Steel
company is now in its fourth generation as a family-owned company. Our mission is not only to satisfy our customers, but we want them to be delighted to do business with us. Whether your order for Sioux products is large or small, frequent or occasional, we feel a definite obligation to provide you with high-quality products and outstanding service.